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We’re, Sarah & Helena, owners of Rose & Rock.  In 2017, we set up our business together.  We’re passionate about making and sourcing beautiful pieces to bring to our brand.  We’re inspired by things we love and the lives that we live.  We hope that you can find something here to love too.

We’re busy ladies and share the Rose & Rock work between us.  We create and print our own clothing designs and we’re constantly looking for quality products to share with you.  We’re super picky about what we source for our brand and we only include products that we think you’ll love and that we secretly desire too!  Looking after people and our planet is also very close to our hearts so we try to cut out the plastic where we can and only work with suppliers who share our values.  Every single order is wrapped with all our care so when you receive it, a little bit of magic is unleashed!

Rose and Rose is all about the stars, style and a little bit of sparkle!

If you have any questions then we’d love to hear from you.  Drop us an email at

Happy browsing!

Sarah & Helena


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